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Desert Rose Cluster | Mini

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calming + intuition + spirit

Small raw crystal pieces can be used in a variety of ways to enhance your daily life. Place them in a bowl or dish to create a beautiful and energising display in your home. Carry them in your pocket or handbag to benefit from their energies throughout the day. Use them during meditation by holding them in your hand or placing them on your body to help focus your intentions and amplify the energy of your practice. You can also use them in crystal grids or layouts to enhance the energy of a space or to manifest your goals and desires. However you choose to use them, these small raw crystal pieces are sure to bring positive energy and beauty into your life.

Embrace the calming and intuitive energy of the Desert Rose crystal.

Desert Rose is considered to resonate with our Root, Crown, and Sacral Chakras. This unique crystal is believed to neutralise negative energy, creating a harmonious environment for our homes and bodies. Legend has it that each Desert Rose crystal harbors its own spirit guardian, emitting a gentle healing light that cleanses and returns negative energy to the earth for healing.

The Desert Rose crystal is also well known for its ability to help clear the mind of old thought patterns, fears, worries, and doubts, allowing for easier access to intuition and heightened psychic abilities. It is considered a gentle, calming energy and can help alleviate stress and boost willpower, making it an ideal crystal for meditation to enhance clarity and focus.


  • Chakra: Root, Crown, and Sacral
  • Zodiac: Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus
  • Hardness: 2 (Mohs scale)
  • Measurements: Visual of size variation in the last photo
Size A - approx 20mm each
Size B - approx 15mm each
Size C - approx 10mm each
Size D - approx 0.5mm each

Desert Rose Cluster | Mini
Desert Rose Cluster | Mini Sale price$2.50

Customer Reviews

"I received my order today and I am in love with all my new crystals! Thank you so much for all your time and care you put into packaging, it was beautiful and smelled AMAZING! I can't wait to purchase again and add to my collection"

Lynette, Auckland

"I just wanted to let you know I have never seen such beautiful packaging, the time and care you put into my order made the whole experience so beautiful from shopping online to when it arrived, these were gifts to myself and it felt extra special so thank you for all that you do"

Amy, Christchurch

"Thank you so much for my order, the shipping was so quick and I was so worried it might get damaged in the post with it being so delicate but you packaged it SO well and beautiful too! I am over the moon with my stunning new Celestite Cluster and i am looking forward to ordering from you again"

Renee, Bay of Plenty