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About me

Hi I'm Jana and welcome to Desert Rose Crystals!

In 2019 Desert Rose was born in the deep south of beautiful New Zealand and I am the Crystal, Reiki, Yoga loving one woman team running it all.

Let me take you back to where it all began...

My first crystal was a beautiful polished Rose Quartz point handed to me by a lovely lady at my dads funeral when I was 13 years old. At this age I had heard of crystals and seen them before but was yet to learn of their healing abilities. Upon giving me this crystal she held my hand and told me that this crystal would help me and to hold it whenever I felt sad... in that moment something I can't explain felt so right and looking back now I am so glad I took her advice, trusted her and did exactly that. 

During my short journey through life so far I have lost both my Mum and Dad unexpectedly at different times and have been unexpectedly gifted crystals at both of their funerals. These beautiful, thoughtful and kind gestures made me feel love and hope during the toughest days of my life. Due to grief, how young and unprepared I was to experience it, the intensity of it at times felt overwhelming and therefore I have found myself lost in some very dark places. Although I have lost my way more times than I can count one thing I could count on time and time again was my crystals. I realised it was at these times when I turned to and began working with my crystals I would find myself feeling a sense of calm, hope and light and I would be picking myself up once again.

I find it fascinating how crystals have found me whenever I have needed them the most. That first piece of Rose Quartz I received at 13 years old was and always will be a beacon of light, always giving me hope and I was extremely drawn to how it made me feel. I couldn't shake the feeling there had to be a reason for all of this! my curiosity grew and my learning began, however back then there was no speedy internet or google so I remember spending hours in a small local store called The Woodshed just looking at and playing with all the beautiful crystals on display. Since then I have spent a lot of time quietly collecting, researching and practicing crystal healing in many different ways. Everything I have learnt surrounding universal energy, crystals and our connection to nature has all made sense to me as if it is instinctual and I just needed to locate that knowledge within myself again...I truly believe this knowledge is within all of us, unfortunately it just isn't nurtured in todays world therefore I feel it lies dormant, deep within our minds.

As I grew emotionally and spiritually it has naturally led on to my passions for practicing Reiki, daily yoga and meditation. I trained and completed my Level 1 Reiki with the amazing Julie from Reiki South NZ and it was after this that I began witnessing and feeling my own awakening. This is something I am still very much working on, a very slow process and not at all glamorous but a journey I fully embrace. I feel that its important to always be growing, learning and changing.

So why open Desert Rose and sell crystals?

I wanted somewhere where likeminded souls could come, feel comfortable, safe and heard. Somewhere where you can get lost in the crystals and maybe learn something new or meet a crystal that has been waiting to find you at just the right time, when you need it most. Therefore I only intuitively choose crystals for Desert Rose. I will never sell crystals because they are popular or will "sell quick" but because they call to me. It doesn't matter if they are sparkly, dull, odd shaped, perfectly polished or raw, they are all individuals just like us and I choose them because I feel they want to or need to be here online at this moment in time so that the right soul will find them.

The idea initially came to me at the beginning of 2019 after the passing of my Mum. In amongst the intense grief Desert Rose became my shining light and my focus. It started as such a small idea created in her memory and has grown organically into my full time job. Desert Rose is my passion and it has become my teacher. I built the foundations for Desert Rose through meditation, drawing inspiration from nature and the universe. I can truly say with confidence that the energy you put out into the universe really does create your reality. From that little idea I had one day of Desert Rose to where I am now reinforces everything I have learnt, every road block, every fear and every piece of the puzzle has come together so naturally by just surrendering and allowing the universe to guide me. 

So why the name Desert Rose?

My Desert Rose crystal has been by my side throughout the process of creating this little corner of the internet for you, whenever I needed patience, direction or grounding I found myself turning to my beautiful Desert Rose Cluster time and time again. The healing properties of the Desert Rose crystal encompass everything I hope you will experience from welcoming any one of our crystals or products here at Desert Rose into your home and life....

"The Desert Rose crystal neutralises negative energy from your home or yourself, It has long been believed that Desert Rose has a white healing light that removes negative energy and then sends it back to mother earth to heal.

Help rid your mind of old thought-processes, fear, anxiety, doubt and other distractions.

Once your mind is cleared watch as you are able to receive guidance from your intuition easily and increase your psychic abilities.

Desert Rose emits a gentle calming energy that can effectively remove stress while enhancing your willpower. It is a wonderful crystal to meditate with to help bring clarity within your mind."

To me we are all on a journey, one that we signed up for well before we got here..a type of soul contract, and there really is no "one journey fits all". I believe healing takes time and should be respected, there are no "negative" emotions and they all have their place to help our souls grow. Success and truly living life to me is staying connected to the present moment and being able to spend more time really listening to yourself and others, slowing down and connecting with nature, not wasting precious time worrying about what other people think or needing approval for our decisions, therefore spending time doing the things that truly make our souls happy. Simply put crystals and learning to work with the energy of the universe has opened my mind and gifted me a doorway into a whole new way of living.

Desert Rose is my creation to share this knowledge and more with you. It brings me so much happiness everyday to wake up and have this amazing opportunity to connect with and help others on their own journey and I cannot express how appreciated your support of my small business is.

Each and every order fills my heart and I hope that it fills yours too! 

Please do not ever hesitate to reach out to me at the email below as I love getting to know my community and will always be here to help.


Jana xx



For all queries please email me at or you can message me through Instagram @desert_rosecrystals.


Please contact me at if you are interested in stocking our products, I would love to hear from you.


If you have a specific products in mind and cannot locate them on my website, please email me at I would be more than happy to help.




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