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Article: How to Set Intentions and Program Your Crystals

How to Set Intentions and Program Your Crystals

How to Set Intentions and Program Your Crystals

Crystals are powerful tools for transformation, healing, and growth. One of the most effective ways to work with your crystals and harness their energy is by setting intentions and programming them. By doing this, you can help align your energy with your crystal's energetic vibrations, creating a powerful synergy that can help manifest your desires and support you along your spiritual journey.

The ritual of setting intentions is deeply personal and transformative. It's not only about creating a meaningful connection with your crystal and the universe, but also about taking time out for yourself to consciously and regularly visualise your intentions and to keep track of your progress. 

How to Set Intentions with Your Crystals

This is a simple step by step guide to follow for setting intentions with your crystals.


You might choose to perform your intention-setting ritual during a new or full moon to embrace the moon's heightened energy for spiritual connection. Alternatively, you may prefer to do it at the beginning of a new season, month, or week to signify a fresh start and a new chapter in your journey.

What you will need:

  • Pillow, blanket, candles or other items for added coziness and comfort
  • Your crystals
  • Hot cacao or herbal tea
  • Journal and/or loose paper
  • A pen or pencil
  • Your preferred cleansing tool eg – Selenite/Sage/Palo Santo or Incense



Step 1. Choosing Your Crystals

Trust your intuition when choosing a crystal or crystals that resonate with you or have been calling to you. While each crystal possesses specific healing properties, our connection with them is deeply personal and unique. Alternatively, you can select a crystal based on its healing properties to align with your intention. Here are some examples:

Clear Quartz:

Amplifies energy, clarity of mind, and intention.

Example Intention: "My mind is clear and focused, filled with positive energy."

Rose Quartz:

Unconditional love, compassion, emotional healing.

Example Intention: "I am open to giving and receiving love. My heart is healed and filled with compassion."


Calming, intuition, spiritual growth.

Example Intention: "I trust my intuition and connect deeply with my spiritual path. I am calm and centered."


Manifestation, abundance, confidence.

Example Intention: "I attract prosperity and abundance into my life. I am confident in my abilities."

Black Tourmaline:

Protection, grounding, energy purification.

Example Intention: "I am grounded, protected, and free from negative energies."

Lapis Lazuli:

Wisdom, truth, inner peace.

Example Intention: "I speak my truth with clarity and wisdom. I am at peace with myself."


Cleansing, clarity of mind, spiritual connection.

Example Intention: "I release all negative energy. My mind is clear, and I am connected to divine guidance." 


Step 2. Cleanse and Connect

Find yourself in a quiet, comfortable space where you can be undisturbed. Performing your ritual outdoors surrounded within nature can enhance the experience by connecting you with mother nature's calming, grounding energy.

Begin by first cleansing your crystals, body, and sacred space of any lingering energies. Then sit comfortably, gently holding your crystal(s) in your hands. Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax, let go, and clear your mind through meditation. Envision the purifying smoke of sage, palo santo, or incense as it cleanses and fills your space with renewed clarity and peace.



Step 3. Set Your Intention

Once your mind and body is feeling calm, clear and relaxed begin to focus on your intention. What do you want help with? Are you wishing to achieve a certain goal?  or manifest a different path in life?. Once you have your intention in mind write it down on a piece of paper and place the paper with your intention and crystal in your hand then speak your intention aloud or silently within your mind a few times over to affirm.


Step 4. Visualise and Infuse

As you hold your crystal, visualise your intention written on the paper and feel the connection between you and your crystal growing stronger. Trust that your intention is being understood and amplified by your crystal’s beautiful energy.


Step 5. Gratitude and Trust

One of the most important parts of any ritual is taking a moment to thank your crystal and the universe for supporting you. Trust that your intention is now set and that the crystal will work with you towards achieving your intentions.



Using Your Programmed Crystal

Once your crystal is programmed, be sure to carry it with you daily,  place it under your pillow or on your bedside table at night or simply keep it in a special place where you’ll see it often. Whenever you need a boost of energy or a reminder of your intention, hold your crystal and take a moment to reconnect with its energy. 

Programming your crystals can be a powerful practice for spiritual healing because it not only emphasises and connects your personal energy with your crystals but by taking the time out to set the intentions for yourself, you are deepening your connection with your crystals to better help you on your journey.

Remember, you have so much beautiful energy within you to create meaningful change. Trust in your abilities and the natural healing energy of your crystals. Together, you can achieve incredible things.



Do you have a unique way of programming your crystals? I would love to hear about your experience! Share your story in the comments below or take a peek at our lovingly curated collection of ethical crystals here at Desert Rose and embark on your journey of intention-setting today.


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