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Article: The Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Crystal

selection of raw and polished crystals being held in a hand

The Beginner's Guide to Choosing the Perfect Crystal

Choosing your first crystal can feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you're new to the world of crystals and not sure where to start. With so many beautiful options, it’s natural to feel unsure about where to start. This is why I've written this article—to help make this process a bit less overwhelming and hopefully help guide you in finding the perfect crystal to join you on your journey.

1 - Trust Your Intuition: 

The first step that is the most important is to always trust your intuition an/or gut feeling and that sometimes, the right crystal will choose you! If you feel drawn to a particular piece, trust that feeling. Your intuition often knows what you need, even if it doesn’t seem relevant at the time. Remember, crystals work differently for each individual. You may experience different healing properties with different crystals, and sometimes it comes down to working with a crystal to find what is best for you. This is where tumble stones are perfect, as they are easy to carry around daily to really connect with their energy.



2. Identify Your Intention:

When choosing a crystal it can sometimes help to also identify your intention or the specific area of your life you wish to improve. To get clear on your intention, simply take a few moments to yourself to reflect on your current state and what you feel you need most in your life right now. Here are some tips to help you identify your intention:

  • Reflect on Your Emotions: Pay attention to your current emotional state. Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed? Or perhaps you are seeking more love, happiness, or confidence? Your emotions can provide valuable insights into what you need.
  • Consider Your Goals: Think about your short-term and long-term goals. Are you looking to achieve something specific, like success in your career, better health, or improved relationships? Your goals can guide you to the right crystal.
  • Identify Areas of Imbalance: Consider areas in your life where you feel out of balance. This could be physical (e.g., low energy), emotional (e.g., feeling sad), or spiritual (e.g., seeking a deeper connection). Identifying these imbalances can help pinpoint your needs.
  • Listen to Your Body: Sometimes, your body can indicate what you need. Pay attention to any physical sensations or discomforts that might be signalling an underlying issue.
  • Meditate or Journal: Spend a few minutes meditating or journaling about your current state and what you desire to change or improve. This practice can help you gain clarity and set a focused intention.



Once you have a clearer understanding of your intention, you can select a crystal that aligns with your specific needs. Here are some of our most popular crystals and common intentions that these crystals can help with:

  • Stress Relief and Anxiety:
    • Amethyst: Known for its calming and soothing properties, amethyst can help reduce stress and promote relaxation.
    • Lepidolite: It helps to stabilise mood swings and reduce anxiety.
  • Love and Relationships:
    • Rose Quartz: The stone of unconditional love, rose quartz helps open the heart to all types of love—self-love, family love, and romantic love etc.
    • Rhodonite: Promotes emotional healing and forgiveness, making it ideal for mending relationships and fostering compassion.
  • Protection and Grounding:
    • Black Tourmaline: A powerful protective stone, black tourmaline can shield against negative energy and promote grounding.
    • Onyx: Provides strength and support during difficult times, helping to alleviate fears and worries.
  • Healing and Health:
    • Clear Quartz: Known as the "master healer," clear quartz amplifies energy and thought, promoting healing and balance.
    • Green Aventurine: Supports physical healing, particularly for the heart and circulatory system, and encourages overall well-being.



3. Align with Your Chakras:

Crystals can also be chosen based on the chakras they correspond to. Chakras are the energy centres in your body. They run from the crown of your head to the base of your spine, each resonating with a specific colour and different crystals also resonate with these centres to promote balance and healing. Here’s a quick list:

  • Root Chakra (Red/Black Crystals):
  • Sacral Chakra (Orange Crystals):
  • Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow Crystals):
  • Heart Chakra (Green/Pink Crystals):
  • Throat Chakra (Blue Crystals):
  • Third Eye Chakra (Indigo/Purple Crystals):
  • Crown Chakra (White/Violet Crystals):



4. Crystal Care Tips:

To keep your crystals energetically clean, regularly cleanse them using methods like smudging with white sage, placing them under moonlight, or using selenite. I have an article on cleansing crystals  you can check out here.



5. How to Use Your Crystals:

Once your crystals arrive, it’s important to keep them close to you. If possible carry them with you, meditate with them, or place them somewhere in your home where you spend a lot of time, for example they can look gorgeous on your bedside table or placed on a side table in your living room. Each method can help you connect deeply with their energy and enhance their benefits.



6. How Your Crystals Will Arrive: 

At Desert Rose, I take great pride in ensuring that every order is a special experience. Each crystal is carefully cleansed and wrapped by hand, receiving the utmost care and attention. I want the moment you receive your crystals to be as memorable and as beautiful as possible. I recommend setting aside some time to mindfully open your package to fully embrace the experience of welcoming your beautiful new crystals into your life.



Choosing the right crystal is a personal and intuitive process. By identifying your intention, trusting your intuition, considering the properties and aligning with your chakras, you'll find the perfect crystals for your needs.

Explore our collection at Desert Rose Crystals here and find the perfect crystal that resonates with you today!


  • How often should I cleanse my crystals?
You can read our article here with tips and information on how to cleanse your crystals, home and body!
  • Can I use multiple crystals at once?
Yes, you can combine crystals to amplify their energies and address multiple intentions.
  • How do I know if a crystal is working for me?
Pay attention to how you feel when using the crystal. Positive changes in mood, energy levels, and overall well-being are good indicators.
  • What is the best way to carry my crystals with me?
You can carry small crystals in a pouch, pop them in your bra, wear them as jewellery, keep them in your pocket or bag or place them in your car if travelling long distance.
  • Can I gift crystals to others?
Absolutely! Crystals make the most thoughtful and meaningful gifts. I recommend using your intuition when choosing for someone you love or you can check out our range of specially curated gift sets here.
  • Do crystals ever stop working?
Crystals don’t ever stop working, but they can become energetically depleted. Regular cleansing and charging under the moonlight can help maintain their effectiveness.
  • How do I set an intention with my crystal?

Hold the crystal in your hand, close your eyes, and clearly state your intention either aloud or in your mind. Visualise the desired outcome and feel the crystal absorbing your intention.

If you have any more questions please let me know in the comments below or I would LOVE to hear your story on how you found your first crystal?!

Take care sending you so much love and light ✨

Jana x

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